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The last day was scrubbed for the Club Class but the Open Class battled bravely and made it a scoring day, with Steve Eyles in his litte LS4 winning the day and moving up to third place overall. If two pilots who rounded the first TP had routed home via CHN and ENS rather than heading straight home, it would have been a higher scoring day.

Official results can be seen online at

12:10 on Thu 25th August

Well, not even Mel The Magician (and Met) could conjure up flyable conditions for today. So after our sixth contest day in a row yesterday, we have scrubbed today at briefing.

But yesterday was day with lots of drama.

We rebriefed for shorter tasks, and one pilot (EHT) managed to forget to change the first tp, and didn't touch the first sector. But got round all the other tps, to be scored at about 18 km having flown about 250km. Another pilot (379) was persueded to change the units from miles to kilometers on his Oudie to improve his chances of getting into the sectors. Then 379 and JNR both gave up half way along the second leg, returned almost all the way back to the airfield, then changed their minds and continued on! Well done to 379 for completing the task, probably flying 60 - 70 km further than the rest. JNR quit a second time, after getting to the next tp.

846 had instrument problems, returned to the airfield, had a new ASI fitted within 15 mins of landing (!! well done to her super crew !!), launched again but sadly landed out after catching up on the stragglers who set of over an hour before her second launch.

Then there's poor 490, who chose to fly his LS4 in the big boys and girls class, and is doing quite well. He missed a TP yesterday by a tiny amount. I looked at all four loggers and the closest he got was to within 7m - yes seven metres! - and that got him a 50 point penalty. Why turn so short? Because the Oudie said he was in, and it's non-IGC file showed him in by 151m ! 

So two pilots affected by instruments despite flying well.

11:14 on Fri 19th August

Thursday. 12:20

The weather locally is not cooperating and we are delaying launching while we work on a different task to our original ideas.

On the other hand Wednesday was another successful day, our fifth in a row so far. So fingers crossed we can make today into day 6.

12:24 on Thu 18th August

Yesterday was another successful day, and it looks like we will have our fifth day in a row today. The standard scoring software is still throwing its toys out the pram at regular intervals, but seemed a bit better behaved last night than previous days. Fingers crossed for tonight's scoring session. It seems that a couple of other comps have had identical problems to us, as one scorer is here competing and said she knows the pain and frustration I am going through with the software. At least Onglide is working.

11:08 on Wed 17th August

We have had three days in a row so far, and we are planning tasks for today.

Briefing has been delayed to 10:30 while we try kicking the scoring software into submission. If only we could do the same with the pilots...

Onglide has been modified by Mel to operate slightly differently and is now displaying results - thanks for that Mel.

09:46 on Tue 16th August