Today Sun 13th August: Launching has commenced
Today Sun 13th August: Launching has commenced

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Due to the IT problems on the last day when we lost all internet access, we can't seem to get the IGC files to appear on Soaring Spot for the last day.

The competitors' IGC files are now available for download in a single zip file at

10:00 on Tue 22nd August


We forgot to praise our sponsors, so let's do it now.


Lxavionics and the BGAShop provided the prizes for first and second in each class - a Personal Location Beacon from LXavionics for the winners, and a Yaesu handheld radio from the BGAShop for second place.


Also, Forbes Insurance provided the many bottles of wine given out to the various day winners.


Finally, we solved our dead internet problem the day after the comp finished (okay, I carried the scoring computer to a new location, but at least I got it working in the end), and the scores are online here and at

10:48 on Wed 16th August

We have scored both classes and awarded prizes. But the scoring computer currently can't connect to the internet to upload to the soaring spot. We will solve this eventually, but for now, settle for this:


Sport overall

Dave Watt First

Derren Francis Second

Martin Durham Third


Club Class Overall

Mike Fox First

Luke Hornsey Second

Alexander Ramsay Third

17:55 on Sun 13th August

It's the Final Countdown (insert musical symbol)

Briefing is at 10:00am

Grid before briefing, same place as yesterday.


Yesterday some gliders landed out in the same general area, a couple had pilot induced problems, and some others landed out for the usual reasons. But 12 little wings completed the AAT, including the Ka6e, and 11 out of 12 big wings got round, most managing 220+km, with the one landout scoring 30km.... So the 16yr old in the Ka6E beat the experienced pilot in the LS8...

11:34 on Sun 13th August

Note that today, for some reason, onglide is not showing the results - they may appear soon of course.

But they are also on

09:36 on Sun 13th August