Day 2: Official

Results were uploaded on Mon 14th August at 23:58:57.
BC3-Bicester N, UPW-Upwood Hangar, PAP-Papworth, NOS-Northampton South, BC1-Bicester Airfield. 
Regionals / Fixed Course Task, Contest Wind 231 degs/15 kts Y distance = 77.0 km Day Speed Points = 449, Day Distance Points = 224 Reason for Devaluation : Winners Time
Pos PilotStartFinishDuration ActualH/CapDay PointsOverallTotal Pointsstatus
1DWDavid Watt
Ventus 2a (15m) (104.0)
12:5114:3201:40114.4kph121.6kph673 2812
2X8Mick Webb Tim Webb
LS8 (15m) (100.0)
12:5114:4401:53102.1kph113.8kph587 3638
3MPDerren Francis
ASG29 (15m) (104.0)
12:5114:4001:49105.8kph112.4kph571 2594
4OZRobert King
Nimbus 3d (25.5m) (115.0)
12:4814:3301:44110.2kph108.5kph528 1580
Ventus 2cx (15m) (104.0)
12:5314:5101:5897.8kph103.9kph477 0477
694Bob Bromwich
DG505 (20m) flapped (100.0)
12:5214:5802:0691.4kph101.8kph454 1608
7333Peter Stafford Allen
Ventus a (16.6m) (104.0)
12:4514:4602:0095.6kph101.6kph452 1452
8ER8Martin Durham
LS8 (15m) (100.0)
12:4914:5702:0790.6kph101.0kph445 2445
8TCAl McNamara
Ventus 2cx (18m) (110.0)
12:4614:4001:53101.5kph101.0kph445 2445
10EHTMichael (Mick) Boydon
Nimbus 2c (106.0)
12:4314:4902:0691.6kph94.6kph374 5529
11933Tony World Henry Freeborn
ASW27a (15m) (104.0)
12:4715:0102:1485.8kph91.2kph336 11  4336
12911Richard Chapman
Ventus b (16.6m) (104.0)
12:4715:0202:1585.5kph90.9kph333 12  5333
13490Steve Eyles
LS4 (15m) (96.5)
12:5315:2602:3275.6kph88.0kph301 13  6301

Speeds are based on reported start and finish times and handicap/windicap. Distances are based on reported L/O coordinates & TPs and are windicapped

Points are based on the current situation, assuming that all gliders still flying will finish
For AATs all Speeds and Distances assume that you turn the turnpoint rather than the sector - in the case of sectors that don't cover the turnpoint they will be incorrect.
If your information is incorrect please contact control to have it corrected.
Fastest possible speeds are calculated based on the glider finishing at the time this page was reloaded. They don't display over 130kph

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