Club Day 1: Flight Analysis

Start and Finish Times
BC2-Bicester NE, CHN-Chipping Norton, BA2-Banbury N, WSL-Winslow, BC1-Bicester Airfield (108.5)

No Glider Launches Detected !!

PosPilotGlideractualavg climb (knots)avg climb (ft)height lost in climb% thermalavg glide ratioavg glide (km)avg straight (knots)
JBA Basil FairstonSilent 2 Electro (13.3m)
CPM Alicia CarpenterStd. Libelle (15m)
246 Carol MarshallLS7 (15m)
DV David Hurst Chris BishopASW20 (15m)
6E Lewis Merry-TaylorK-6e (15m)
FNS Kate ByrneDG300 club (15m-retractable)
JHJ Sam HepburnStd. Libelle (15m)
JDV Mark LavenderDG303 (15m)
PX Peter AtkinsonAcro Twin 3
JRD Niall WatkinsAstir CS (15m)
ESB Mick BoikASK21 (17m)
LL Andy ElliottStd. Libelle (15m)
639 Alex MaitlandVega (15m)
BD Jeremy BeringerCirrus (17.7m)
379 John StaleyLS4 (15m)
705 Alexander Simon RamsayDiscus (15m)
264 Norman ParryLS4 (15m)
JCR Nicholas BarnesAstir CS (15m)
ETY Derek StaffLS4 (15m)
FEF Dinant Riks and Chris BallanceAstir CS (15m)
H20 Tessa Whiting John WhitingDiscus (15m-w)
574 Luke HornseyASW20 (15m)
C29 Tim WheelerStd. Cirrus
T19 Rod Connors and John PotterDiscus (15m-w)
MF Mike FoxLS4 (15m)

Flight information has been taken from the IGC files. It's just for fun! To sort columns click on the column name - clicking a second time will change the sort order. Pilots with no information displayed probably didn't fly far enough to produce useful information, or scored penalty points.

It is only accuracte if the IGC file has a sufficiently high sample rate - for example if it logs every 6 seconds. Competitors with statistics in light grey have loggers which have insufficent information to accurately calculate statistics. In addition, some loggers show a lot of GPS jitter - these will throw up spurious thermals.

These stats are just for fun!